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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Arabian Horses – Art in Motion and on Canvas

Arabian horse artwork is an exceptionally popular form of art. Arabian horses are extremely majestic animals and it is quite fascinating to capture their allure in a painting. Some portraits of Arabian horses display their splendor and grace in combination with beautiful country landscapes, farmyards or barns. Others picture them running free or under saddle or harness. Wherever they are rendered, they are sure to impress with their elegance. Artists such as Lynn Wade, Howard Dubois and Janet Griffin have illustrated Arabian horses in an exemplary fashion, catching the very essence of this breed that so appeals to their owners and admirers.

Prior to becoming a full time artist, Lynn Wade was a professional horsewoman. At the age of six, she competed with her own hunter/jumpers. She later managed boarding facilities for horses and provided instruction in riding. Her more than 20 years of experience has provided extensive knowledge about horses that has allowed her become an award winning artist. Lynn Wade is known nationally for her work as an animal portraitist and her illustrations for magazines. She has received five nominations for the Best Drawing of the Year from the American Horse Publications Awards. At the AAEA show she was awarded the Masterwork Award. She was also a finalist twice in the Annual Artist’s Magazine competition. In addition, she is the author and illustrator of the book, "The AAEA Sketchbook of Horses". Lynn Wade’s artistic portrayal of horses has been featured in national shows such as the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, the National Arts Club in New York and the International Museum of the Horse. Her work has contributed greatly to Arabian horse artwork.

Howard Dubois is another artist whose work has produced some illustrious examples of equestrian art. Dubois also has a great deal of expertise with horses. He worked with horses for many years when he was younger and attributes his love for horses and the lifestyle of the cowboy to his success as an artist. His expertise with horses has provided the skill that stands out in the details of the horses he illustrates. Howard Dubois uses multiple mediums in his artwork but his preference is pencil and oil. Most of his work is done in oil on a cotton duck canvas. Dubois primes the canvas by applying several coats of acrylic primer to add texture. Prior to beginning a painting, he works with the idea on tracing paper. Them he transfers it to the canvas. His style and technique have provided many outstanding portrayals of Arabian horses.

Janet Griffin-Scott has created many wonderful illustrations of horses in mixed media. In her younger years, she worked with horses at the country fair and Club level. Later she attended York University where she majored in graphic design and photography. She began her career working for ad agencies and as a freelance artist. Many of her works have been provided as a commissioned artist. Her great love for horses has inspired her to produce numerous fine works of Arabian horse artwork.


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