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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Americans Love Our Cowboy Paintings

Paintings are a great way to add to the look and character of any place in a person's home. Paintings come in all variations and all types of themes, but few of them evoke the image of a time gone by like cowboy paintings and others that portray images of a uniquely American era, when the West was still the “Wild West” . The popularity of these paintings have always been around to a certain degree, but it seems as though the popularity is growing at a great rate.  As our feelings of individual freedom diminish, as Americans we seem to hunger for a reminder of times that seemed to be more wide open and self-determined; when a person’s word was their bond, people said what they meant and being a “straight shooter” meant just a little bit more.

The use of decorating a home with cowboy paintings is a great idea, and can lead to a great old western theme that can be used for items all around the house. This is not only a unique and fashionable way in which someone can decorate their home, but is a great way to impress a person's guests about the way they see the world and what they value. Cowboys and scenes of the Old West have always been a popular theme, because it tells a great story of America's past. It shows where America has been and some of the qualities we value and hope to take with us into our future.

Along with this, an old western theme is a great way to involve kids in the process of helping to decorate the house,as well as their rooms in a western theme. Westerns have been a fan favorite for decades, through the continued use of cowboys and story plot lines, through movies and other media. For this reason, it has appealed to both children and adults alike. It is a great way to get the kids involved with feeling a part of the decorating process, as well as help them to feel more at home. This would also bring up a great opportunity to teach kids about history. If this is a time period of interest,  then it would be a great way to expand on that interest, as well as expanding their knowledge of that time period and the events of the era.

Cowboy paintings also bring a lot of character and class to a western themed home. Many of the paintings are made out of unique materials, and make for a decor rich in character, regardless of how much was spent on the pieces. Painting and prints of paintings  of this era are usually rich in color as well, and can help establish a color scheme for the rest of your home decor. 

Collecting quality prints can be a great way to become a collector without breaking the bank. Collecting art is something a person can be proud of, and when done correctly and selectively, can become a great hobby as well.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frank McCarthy - Action and Movement

As one of the top Western artists, Frank McCarthy is best remembered for his amazing talent to capture the action and movement of the scenes he was painting. His western art focused on the Calvary, cowboys and Indians, and the natural beauty of the surrounding land. The unmatched talent to create the feeling of action in his paintings earned him the title 'The Dean of Western Action Painters'. His career as a western painter began in his hometown of New York, when a western magazine requested an illustration for their cover. McCarthy's paintings reflected the fascination he held for western folklore, and may explain why he moved from New York to Sedona, Arizona.

Frank McCarthy did not start out as a western illustrator and painter. As a young boy he loved art, drawing his favorite cartoons. His talent was recognized by his parents and teachers, and they encouraged him to follow his passion. As a young teenager he studied at the Art Students League of New York and went on to major in illustration at the Pratt Institute. After graduating, he stayed in New York and opened his own business, starting his career as a magazine illustrator in New York City. In his studio, he created illustrations for magazines, paperback books and movie posters. Colliers and Argosy, two leading magazines, were some of his first customers. His early illustrations for paperback covers and magazine advertisements also captured the idea of movement and drama that his western paintings are known for.

McCarthy's remarkable talent did not go unnoticed by the entertainment industry. Movie companies hired him to paint illustrations for action movie and western movie posters. The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape and The Ten Commandments are just a few movies he was hired to illustrate for. Two James Bond movies, On Her Majesty's Service and You Only Live Twice, were advertised using McCarthy's illustrations. The music industry featured McCarthy's art in 1976 when the Marshall Tucker Band used his painting titled 'The Last Crossing' for the cover of their album, 'Long Hard Ride'. The painting, 'The Last Crossing', depicts a stagecoach crossing a wide creek, besieged by bandits. The desperation of the driver is felt in the wild tilt of the stagecoach as it bounces up the creek bank. Urgency is conveyed through flying manes of the horses, their hooves raised, straining to pull the stagecoach out of the creek. The coach driver is snapping the reins, whistling and calling to the horses, as the bandits are closing in. Action and drama, definitely.

There have been five Frank McCarthy art books published, and his art is sought after by collectors today. He was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1997.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gypsy Vanner Horse Pictures

Gypsy Vanner horses are a breed of horses from the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Gypsy Vanner horse is one of the only breeds that have a sale price of tens of thousands without any papers or registration. This breed is known as for its body structure and a beautiful coat. This special breed also found in the United States and Ireland. This horse breed was developed for the strong and athletic build. The Gypsy horse, as it was commonly known, was used by Gypsies to transport their belongings. The Gypsy families would move everything they own from one location to another using these strong but beautiful horses. The young Gypsy children would learn how to ride the horses because they are a very gentle breed. The unique body structure offered both strength and gentleness.

Gypsy Vanner horses are very intelligent horses and they interact well with their owners, and they are considered the most manageable, cooperative breed of horses. This beautiful horse is willing to do almost any task and they are safe to be around. That is one of the main reasons that even small children can ride them. The natural athleticism of the Gypsy Vanner horse is unmatched by any breed. They are one of the easiest horses to care for due to their breeding, and are also used in therapeutic treatment of other horses. And the Gypsy Vanner horse has many unique traits including safety, intelligence and manageability, and is an excellent choice for new horse owners.

The uniqueness of the Gypsy Vanner horse focuses on body, temperament, appearance, and ease of care. It is very easy to make a connection with this beautiful horse. The appearance of the Gypsy Vanner horse pictures can capture the uniqueness and increase the interest in the breed. The long flowing mane is evident at first glance while the horse is running or even just standing. The leg feathers begin at the knee of the horse and extend down over the hooves. Gypsy Vanner horses are just called Gypsy horses in the UK and Ireland. The United States added the Vanner to the name as the breed became available. The coloring of the gypsy horse will vary drastically from black, black and white, white, blonde, and dark browns.

The Gypsy Vanner horse is very rare in the United States, with only approximately 200 registered. Many United States horse breeders are attempting to increase the number of these beautiful horses. Gypsy Vanner horse pictures provide a beautiful depiction of this unique animal. A talented artist can truly capture the unique build and body type of this horse. Exploring the options available will add to any art collection.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beautiful and Timeless Images of Zenyatta

Since Zenyatta's historic debut on November 22, 2007, this graceful and powerful mare has captured more than just the hearts of her fans and owners. Memorable Zenyatta images have been captured by photographers to preserve the many records and achievements she has had so far in her life. In addition to the many stunning photographers of this magnificent animal, several of her images are also portrayed in paintings.

Zenyatta was born on April 1, 2004 and later sold to A&M record co-founder, Jerry Moss, for $60,000 when she was a yearling. Her unusual name actually comes form the third Police album titled "Zenyatta Mondatta", which was produced by A&M records. In 2009, it was announced that Zenyatta would be going into retirement, however, her owners decided to continue racing in 2010 because "I enjoy watching her run". The year proved to be very productive and lucrative for Zenyatta. She had been a steady competitor with a record of 20:19-1-0 with her only loss being her last race in the Breeder's Cup at Churchill Downs on November 6, 2010. Zenyatta came from dead last to finish 2nd in the brilliant race. Many amazing Zenyatta images portray just how close this race was between Zenyatta and Blame, the winner. The year 2010 turned out to be the year for Zenyatta. She broke several records including on October 2, 2010, she won the Lady's Secret Stakes for the third time, which moved her to a 19-0 undefeated winning title, and also increased her career earnings to $6,404,580, the highest earned by a female racing horse in North America.

With such an impressive racing career, it is far from difficult to imagine all the other achievements that Zenyatta could have accomplished. Surprisingly, there is a list just as long and impressive, with her talent even being compared to other female athletes. In 2009, Zenyatta was second runner-up in the Associate Press Female Athlete of the Year Award to tennis player Serena Williams and then again in 2010 to professional ski racer Lindsey Vonn. Zenyatta has also received the 2010 "O Power List" from Oprah Winfrey and was featured in "O" magazine. She has also been featured in "W" magazine and was on "60 Minutes" for a piece about the possibility for a 20-0 record. Other awards include the Eclipse Award for Top Older Female and Horse Of The Year of the 2010 season. She was nominated for this award three times prior to finally receiving the award. In 2011, she was also the proud recipient for the 2010 Secretariat Vox Populi Award and the first horse to receive the William H. May Award. The latter award honors an individual or group that has provided "meritorious service" to the industry. Zenyatta's image also hangs above the conference of the San Pedro Assistance League where she was the first horse to receive an Honorary Membership.

A story as inspirational as Zenyatta's deserves to be preserved in the keepsake images from her glory days. Much has changed in her life with the birth of 2 colts and another foal on the way, retirement seems to have settled well with the talented mare. Zenyatta images are a great way to inspire and reach for goals to achieve in a lifetime.         

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

With the Sun at Your Back

The arid heat of the setting sun wafts across the seemingly endless desert canyon. A lone cowboy, riding on horseback, can be spotted off in the distance. It is a striking, unmistakable image that burns itself into your mind with an intensity greater than the sinking sun before you. The man and his horse look like living shadows off in the distance; no detail can be made out, but their outline is powerful. The raw power of the imagery is a result of stripping away all of the excess details, leaving only the purest form of a powerful American image; a western silhouette.

Western silhouettes are depictions of "old west" themes and motifs. We all know what the west is - cowboys, horses, and a shootout at high noon - but what's a silhouette? Picture your own shadow put up on a wall, it would be "you" without any details. That's a silhouette; an outline of recognizable forms with their details stripped away due to the lighting. This effect can dramatically alter the power of a picture from being a moment captured in time to a work of art. Many of the finest silhouette pieces capture powerful emotions better than a fully exposed camera shot ever could.

Imagine a wild horse bucking while a determined wrangler - broad-brimmed hat on his head, long leather hide boots on his feet - attempts to tame it. Dust kicks up as the majestic beast rears up onto its hindquarters in an attempt to assert his dominance. The sun is at his back, a cactus is nearby. What do you picture? You picture a powerful image that only the west could elicit and you picture it with few details. Western silhouettes are more than just a reminder of our roots, they stir us at our core and inspire adventure. They are thrilling in a way that many other artistic and photographic mediums struggle to capture.

Imagine a wide-shot of an old west town. The bar with rooms to rent upstairs, the bank, the sheriff's department, all laid out in the background. Townsfolk gather in hushed tones, cowering at the scene unfolding before them. It's - you guessed it - high noon. Two men stand at the edges of the framed scene; despite not seeing anything but their outlines you know their eyes are tunneled in on one another. Guns are drawn with outstretched arms zeroing in on one another; someone's not walking away from this one. The image is so powerful you find your mind racing as wild as a mustang while the unavoidable question greets you like the first shot of the draw: "Who's it gonna be?"

The intensity of this scene is exacerbated by the fact the main subjects are silhouetted, causing us to focus solely on the raw human drama that is unfolding, and not allowing any of our prejudices to interfere with the details. This is the power of the western silhouette.     

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Images of Horse Racing

Images of horse racing are not only breathtaking visuals, but they serve as stunning unique pieces of art that does so much more than capture one's love for the sport. Horses, those strong and graceful creatures, are among the most beloved across the country, even the world. The horse in motion of speed or a steady gallop is sure to make the most amateur animal lover impressed by the body in motion. With a bountiful collection of horse racing pictures, your decorative style can be expanded, generate various elements of atmosphere, allure and demonstrate the ambitious aspects of one's own home and personality.

The benefits of using images of horse racing can be any of the following to number of people with various styles and tastes:

  • Horse racing picture can be sophisticated with a display of black frames against a pastel wall in an office setting. Not only elegant, horse racing pictures are also inspiring and give great fuel for the imagination.
  • Horse racing images allow former athletes of the elegant sport to reminisce about their best moments active in the game as well as generate great conversations of the beloved sport.
  • Horse images are a beautiful backdrop to deep color themed dens, living rooms, bedrooms, and much more.

Having a collection of horse racing images in a special room that hosts all of one's collections of the sport; gear, boots, personal photos, and trophies is a wonderful idea to make the space so much more alive and intimate. What's more, because horse racing images are incredibly unique with their display of clear pictorial colors and muscle in motion, such pictures are increasingly becoming more than an admirable art piece, but a steady investment that grows in value with a refined collective set. The most reputable photographers and painters, printers and artists around the world are trained to capture the stunning display of motion and beauty with their cameras and lens, machines or brushes, so that your image is as close to life as being a part of the live action itself.

For those who have a deep rooted passion for the sport or are newcomers to the sport of horse racing, but would like to acquire a tasteful collection of pictures, the process can be relatively easy. Most people looking for images of horse racing want the images they purchase to boast of their own intellectual knowledge and experience of the game as they know it or feel it should be. The first place to start looking for photos is through credible online boutiques and catalogs. Users will be thrilled to know that they can find a vast assortment of photos, paintings, prints and more, all at the best prices on the market. What's more, users can tailor their search to display the most valued and seldom found shots available with a bigger price range, or sort through the most iconic shots with a median price range, as there's something for everyone.