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Saturday, November 30, 2013

June Dudley - An Apple a Day - Little Girl Feeding a Horse Print

Remember when you were that curious child, anxiously wanting to make a friend no matter the time or place? A little girl reflects that curiosity and desire in June Dudley's "An Apple a Day" print. As if it had just finished a long ride rounding up cattle or herding sheep, a beautiful Palomino accepts that young lady's generosity in a gentle manner that only a child and horse could share.

June Dudley captures that moment with her brush in perfect light. The details of the Palomino's muscle, grace, and structure are so finely illustrated, it's as if the artist had medicinal knowledge of the body of a horse. Just shy of touching the beautiful horse, the little girl, wearing an adorable little western hat, reaches to offer up a beautifully depicted ripe apple and the horse seems to oblige. The print background is settled on a farm blanketed with perfect green grass. In the background center is a large, wise old tree, with a picture perfect sky encompassing all types of shades and colors such as orange, blue, white and gray.

Finally, one cannot miss the beautiful detail depicted throughout this print, including the small plume of smoke billowing up in the background sky as if the artist were hinting to a campfire smoldering in the distance. From the glossiness of the apple that the little girl is handing to the horse, to the detailed golden color of the Palomino, it seems as if the print is an image of what is just outside your cabin window. All aspects of this print are simple, yet painted to the finest detail. From the red, slightly rusted fence to the horse blanket and saddle trim; June Dudley's "An Apple a Day" print would be the perfect focal point of any home.


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