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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Beautiful Remington Horses

Remington illustrated his horses in various states of nature in the American West. He often depicted cowboys, Native Americans and U.S. Cavalrymen riding the horses in incredibly dramatic fashions. Remington also illustrated the horses without the company of riders. More often than not the horses are shown in mid-gallop with a cowboy on the saddle.

The Remington horses are so unique because they are the first widely lauded American art depictions of horses in motion. Remington's illustration of the horse in mid-gait was unique compared to the standard depictions of the time. The standard artistic portrayal of horses in the late 1800s was a galloping horse with its hooves pointed upwards and outwards similar to the aesthetic of a hobby horse. Therefore, Remington's images of horses in mid-stride broke the mold and quickly became his signature pieces. This style was imitated by many Western artists who followed in his footsteps.

Some critics claimed that Remington relied too heavily on photography and his horses looked too dramatic. It was said that their motions were exaggerated to please onlookers. In response, Remington argued that horses must be drawn to achieve the desired effect which was a pleasing visual aesthetic.

Some of his most famous prints include A Dash For Timber, The Stampede, The Scout, His First Lesson, Blackfoot Indian, Victory Dance, Shotgun Hospitality, A Cold Morning On The Range, Branding a Steer, Pony War Dance and Crow Scout.

Remington also depicted horses through sculpture. His bronze horse statues are considered to be the premier American sculptures of his time. The entire globe recognizes Remington's flawlessly unique portrayal of American West horses through sculpture. He is so widely respected that the White House has selected Remington horse sculptures to be presented as gifts for visiting international leaders. Some of Remington's famous horse sculptures include The Broncho Buster, Buffalo Horse, The Scalp, Achieve, The Wicked Pony, Rattlesnake, Outlaw and Trooper of the Plains.

Remington's horses are still replicated today by talented artisans. Imitation Remington horse prints and sculptures are often sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars per piece. His unique style and artistic flair will always be in demand.            

Frederic Sackrider Remington was born in Canton, New York in 1861. He became a famous artist whose mediums included illustrations, sculptures and paintings. Remington studied art at Yale University beneath the famous painter and illustrator John Henry Niemeyer. Most of Remington's artwork is centered around images of the American West in the late 1800s. His depictions of horses are specifically famous.


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