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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friesian Horses - Gentle, Graceful and Powerful

If you want the best “eye candy”, peruse the Internet for images of horses. Arguably, one of the most common themes for art is the horse. Throughout history, the horse has been portrayed in all kinds of settings, and the nobility and grace of the animal always comes through. So, if you're looking for pictures to decorate or set the theme for an area of your home or office, the horse conveys all kinds of meaning. Sociologically it has been a part of life “almost forever”, and a very significant factor in regards to the advancement of civilization. It was used for just about any and every task until the advent of the machine age, so there are many to find if you look.
There's nothing like the beauty of a black horse when it gallops. Only art can capture the Friesian horse in all its beauty. But luckily you can find Friesian horses pictures online. This breed originated in Holland, and at one time bay and sorrel were considered acceptable colors for the breed, but now it's generally recognized to be only black. The thing that is so unique and recognized about the Friesian is its spectacular, flowing mane, tail, and fetlocks. Artists that seek to capture the motion, speed and beauty of horses, can especially find it in the Friesians. They have that romantic feel everyone looks for when you think of horses.  For those of us lucky enough to have come in contact with Friesians, their unusually sweet natures also make them a noteworthy breed.

Horses have been with us since the beginning of civilization, and since China has some of the most ancient written history, the tales of horses and the art they are portrayed in can be seen and read about there. But the Friesians have been bred to pull, ride and to fight as well. Some of the larger ones were used in the Middle Ages as mounts for armored knights. Since man and horse are intertwined both socially and historically, it's easy to find the most remarkable examples of art about horses.

So, if you look for the impact that the horse has made in history and art, you can find it in many places online. But for the most emotive kind of art look to at, it’s the Frisian horses pictures that will grab you, for their sheer beauty and impact. You will love the feel of the art you find regarding these beautiful horses.

It's easy for an artist to invest emotion into the approach for the Friesian - the stance, the flow of the mane, tail and the fetlocks make it a natural subject for art and photography. Just looking at one of these horses makes you want to own one. But if you can't do that, you can own a beautiful picture of this kind of horse.


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