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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Americans Love Our Cowboy Paintings

Paintings are a great way to add to the look and character of any place in a person's home. Paintings come in all variations and all types of themes, but few of them evoke the image of a time gone by like cowboy paintings and others that portray images of a uniquely American era, when the West was still the “Wild West” . The popularity of these paintings have always been around to a certain degree, but it seems as though the popularity is growing at a great rate.  As our feelings of individual freedom diminish, as Americans we seem to hunger for a reminder of times that seemed to be more wide open and self-determined; when a person’s word was their bond, people said what they meant and being a “straight shooter” meant just a little bit more.

The use of decorating a home with cowboy paintings is a great idea, and can lead to a great old western theme that can be used for items all around the house. This is not only a unique and fashionable way in which someone can decorate their home, but is a great way to impress a person's guests about the way they see the world and what they value. Cowboys and scenes of the Old West have always been a popular theme, because it tells a great story of America's past. It shows where America has been and some of the qualities we value and hope to take with us into our future.

Along with this, an old western theme is a great way to involve kids in the process of helping to decorate the house,as well as their rooms in a western theme. Westerns have been a fan favorite for decades, through the continued use of cowboys and story plot lines, through movies and other media. For this reason, it has appealed to both children and adults alike. It is a great way to get the kids involved with feeling a part of the decorating process, as well as help them to feel more at home. This would also bring up a great opportunity to teach kids about history. If this is a time period of interest,  then it would be a great way to expand on that interest, as well as expanding their knowledge of that time period and the events of the era.

Cowboy paintings also bring a lot of character and class to a western themed home. Many of the paintings are made out of unique materials, and make for a decor rich in character, regardless of how much was spent on the pieces. Painting and prints of paintings  of this era are usually rich in color as well, and can help establish a color scheme for the rest of your home decor. 

Collecting quality prints can be a great way to become a collector without breaking the bank. Collecting art is something a person can be proud of, and when done correctly and selectively, can become a great hobby as well.


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