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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Capture the World's Natural Beauty With Jerry Gadamus

The human race has always had a deep appreciation for the natural beauty that the earth has to offer to us. Themes such as the ocean, a night sky, a sunrise, birds flying, insects weaving, rodents burrowing, and much more have served to be inspirations for humanity. These have been major driving factors that have led individuals to seek new levels of accomplishment, thought, and the exploration of new innovations and ideas. They are simple affairs for nature, but have been known to influence greatness within humans. This is why it is no surprise that, even as human beings become more advanced, we still choose to surround ourselves with scenes of nature, particularly in the decor of our own homes.

As technology improves, humanity becomes further separated from nature. This is a likely explanation as to why the demand for natural imagery has increased. Artists have responded to this increase by providing consumers with high quality paintings and photographs containing scenes of nature. One of the more notable artists who have contributed greatly to this movement of natural artwork is Jerry Gadamus.

Jerry Gadamus is an internationally recognized artist who is respected for his ability to use an airbrush. By using this airbrush, he is able to achieve unbelievable detail by applying a method that is known as freehand airbrushing. Freehand airbrushing is a process where the artist will use their airbrush without the aid of stencils or guidelines. By utilizing this method, artists can blend certain colors together and create incredible detail in their pieces. Oftentimes, these pieces can resemble the quality one would normally find in a professional photograph. The result of this is that artists, such as Gadamus, are able to better capture scenes of nature, and express the emotions that they feel from this image onto their easel. This has given artists the ability to create new masterpieces of contemporary art.

Jerry Gadamus specializes in the painti

Gadamus graduated with a Bachelors degree for fine arts and has had his art work featured on countless magazine and book covers. His inspiration comes from repeated painting and photography trips into the Western States of the US, where he is able to study and paint the abundance of wildlife in the region. His ability to capture and recreate the scenic locations that he visits has made him a well-respected person within the art community. If one finds a great interest in the works of Gadamus, his art pieces can be found on a variety of art supplier stores across the Internet and nation.
ng of natural scenery, specifically animals. His reputation is something that greatly precedes him. Gadamus has received a large number of awards and recognition over the years, including "Best of Show" at the Wildlife and Western Art Exhibition, "Century Collection Artist" for the Channel 10/36 Television Auction, the Award of Merit from the Anchorage Audubon Society for National Art Exhibition of Alaskan Wildlife, the "People's Choice Award" for the National Northwoods Wildlife Art Show, as well as many "Artist of the Year" awards from various networks, and much more.


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