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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Beauty Of Vintage Cowgirl Images

Artwork that displays vintage cowgirl images is becoming more popular these days. There are many theories as to why, but the fact remains that they are. Anyone who appreciates vintage art and art based on vintage Old West images is going to be interested in this style because it has both a vintage look and an American based theme.

For many decades now, artwork depicting horses has been hugely popular, because they are beautiful animals that can be showcased just as beautifully. Women are the same way. For as long as people have been painting and drawing, they have been using women as their inspiration.

What vintage cowgirl images do is combine the two, and just recently has this been more appreciated. It isn’t very often that you see women depicted as hard working individuals and beautiful at the same time. This artwork does just that, as well as putting it all in a rustic light. It’s not quite romanticizing the subject matter, as much as it’s putting it into a framework of color and texture so as to bring out a beauty rarely seen. These truly are beautiful works of art that a trained eye can pick up on quickly.

The most common setting that these paintings are going to use are going to be outdoor settings. This gives the artist a lot of options to choose from in regards to colors, shading and the overall textured look of the scene. A lovely painting is going to depict movement. A cowgirl, maybe 2 or3, walking down a dirt road with their horses away from a corral and at sunset is a superb example. An accomplished artist is going to depict the details of the sunset, the dirt getting kicked up by the movements of the cowgirls and their horses, as well as the weathered look of the leather saddles, and the faces of the women.

The best vintage cowgirl images that are put to canvas are not going to have bright, garish colors. Instead, and keeping with a vintage look, moderate and shaded colors that have a polished yet faded look are going to be used. The cowboy culture of the west is as old as America itself, and the best paintings are going to reflect that accordingly with the right colors. These are also paintings that can go as well in your house as they can in your office, keeping in mind of course, that these paintings will not go well with a modern look. If your interior décor is modern with modern colors and shapes, these paintings will not fit well with that scheme. On the other hand, people who like that kind of décor will most likely not see the beauty in this type of artwork.

These paintings are for a particular type of person who has a particular taste in art. More people are starting to see the relevance in this subject matter though, because at the base of it all, it depicts the beauty in a hard but satisfying and very American way of life.


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