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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Art of Beverly Doolittle

Artist Beverly Doolittle ranks highly among the most popular and respected creators of Western based themes, portraying rustic scenes depicting unique landscapes, wildlife and various aspects of Native American Culture. In an amazingly successful career that has spanned over forty years Ms. Doolittle has utilized her considerable talents to make a lasting impression upon all that view her portfolio of work, and in the process gained an honored position among her peers as an innovator in expressing her unique understanding of the natural world.

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1947, Ms. Doolittle attended The Art Center College of Design on a scholarship and studied a variety of art disciplines including graphic arts and design art. Upon graduation, Beverly Doolittle embarked on a career as an art director for a local Los Angeles advertising firm, working for several years before deciding to broaden her personal artistic horizons.

Traveling throughout the American West, M
s. Doolittle embarked on a one-year journey along with her husband while fine tuning her style as it related to the subjects she discovered. The final result enabled the artist to communicate a specific story in each and every one of her finished projects regardless of the topic selected, beautifully presented in a manner quickly embraced by art patrons around the world.

Two particular aspects of the work artist Beverly Doolittle creates makes her body of work especially unique - her use of watercolor as a prime medium and her use of what has become known as "camouflage technique". Western art has long been dominated by artists utilizing oil paints, and with the arrival of Ms. Doolittle came a fresh perspective in the use and depth of color and texture. The "camouflage technique" enables art enthusiasts to discover images within each work that are not usually absorbed at first glance, offering thought provoking insight on several levels of visual understanding. 

In addition to her wonderful paintings Ms. Doolittle has also experienced considerable success as an author. Her first two books depicted her body of works and her journey in becoming a prominent figure within her chosen genre, followed by three wildly successful children's books.

The work of artist Beverly Doolittle is timeless and highly sought by collectors as cherished investments - quite a few of Ms. Doolittle's limited edition works fetch prices in excess of $5,000 each as demand continues to grow. In overview, perhaps the lasting legacy in Ms. Doolittle’s efforts resides in her in incredible ability to help art patrons absorb natural beauty in a new light.


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