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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Experience the Civil War with John Paul Strain Prints

Are you a Civil War buff that just can't get enough of this fascinating period in American history? Do you collect Civil War memorabilia, attend battle recreations, or watch "Gettysburg" once a year? If so, you should check out some John Paul Strain prints. John Paul Strain is a highly skilled artist, one who paints intriguing, realistic, and thought provoking historical art. He focuses heavily, but not exclusively, on the Civil War.

Strain is not a newcomer to the world of Civil War art: he has been painting since his teen years, and had his art displayed in the prestigious Trailside Gallery at the tender age of 21. He is the most acclaimed, recognizable, and hardworking historical Civil War artist on the market. He continues to create new, exciting, and creative art to this very day. John Paul Strain prints are some of the lowest priced, yet most distinctive and admired, pieces of historical art in the world.

Through the years, his Civil War paintings have become synonymous with this period in American history. His work has been featured on over 50 different magazine covers, and has been used to represent Civil War life in books, movies, and film. No other historical artist in the world demands as much respect as Mr. Strain.

Strain focuses on a variety of Civil War subjects, including horseback bound generals, epic battle recreations, detailed city scenes, soldiers in the wild, charming depictions of a soldier’s day-to-day life, and even heartbreaking scenes of death. He paints his subjects with exacting realism, and complete respect. He doesn't exaggerate or mythologize their lives, but presents them "as is." This humanizes the conflict, illustrates its difficulties, and gives you a glimpse into this fascinating era.

Although he focuses heavily on the Civil War, it is not Strain's only subject. John Paul Strain prints often include subjects as diverse as depictions of Native American life, wild life in their natural habitat, and beautiful, sweeping landscapes. Strain's diversity always surprises his fans, even when he stays within his primary focus of Civil War generals on horseback.

One of the most amazing things about John Paul Strain is his surprising generosity and humble nature. He regularly donates his paintings to groups as diverse as the National Park Service and various historical societies. These groups have used his paintings to decorate their parks, and important Civil War locations, such as the home of General Jeb Stuart. He has also held auctions on his artwork to raise money for important historical restoration projects, battlefield preservation, historical societies, and Civil War reenactments.

It's this kind of respect and humility that has endeared John Paul Strain to many historians. Not many artists of his caliber are willing to work so hard to actually preserve their subjects. The Civil War is becoming an increasingly distant memory, but with people like Strain working had to preserve its memory, we can make sure to learn our lessons from the war, and never repeat the same mistakes again.


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