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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Enhance Any Space with Native American Art Prints

Many people choose to use wall art as a way to enhance the visual appeal of a room. The distinctive images found in the Native American Indian art prints will add an abundance of rich colors and dimensions to any room they are placed in. These detailed prints capture the raw essence of life on the plains with images of horses combined with those of the native people. Each print is different from the next with the diverse use of color and motion.

Accenting Rooms with Traditional Prints

The Native American Indian art prints can be used to accent a traditional southwestern style room. The subjects and colors used in these prints can depict more traditional settings such as those prints that depict a group of native people. The colors in this type of print will also be those that are associated with the southwestern style of design. These prints will have muted shades of gray and brown combined with splashes of amber, gold and turquoise.

Some of the traditional prints also have a lone figure sitting on top of a horse. These prints are available in earth tones which can be used to accent a home office or study. The lone figure print can also be used to enhance an office wall in the workplace. The print that places the rider and horse against a backdrop of blue sky will lighten up the feel of a room while also adding interest.

Accenting Rooms with Modern Prints

Many of the Native American Indian art prints are available in modern or contemporary styles. These prints use bold colors and less traditional images to depict the native people. A contemporary print such as the one depicting a medicine man wearing a bright red uniform jacket has a background composed of shades of amber, tan and gold. The gold is also picked up in the forefront of the print in the hat the man is holding.

The modern prints can be used to add visual appeal to a living room, family room, study or bedroom. A recreation room designed in shades of amber, turquoise and red can be enhanced with the addition of the contemporary war ponies print. This print depicts a native warrior in full face makeup wearing a bright red headband and standing in front of horse made up for war

Other modern prints include those created to depict the sacred members of the tribe such as the shaman. These captivating images can be placed in any room to add more color and design.

While these prints can be used by people looking to express their Native American heritage, they can also be used as art elements by people who want to add color, depth and movement to any space in their home or office. The rich colors of fabrics worn by the native people, combined with the detail of beads and feathers set against backgrounds with sweeping brush strokes, will appeal to people of all cultures.


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