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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Richard Reynolds Photographs the Daylily Night Embers

The Daylily Night Embers comes into full bloom each fall and thrives in the full sun on October days. This semi-evergreen plant blooms in an exceptional shade of deep burgundy highlighted by fluorescent yellow edges. The night embers day lily is the floral interpretation of adding just a pop of color. This versatile, elegant flower is known for its double bloom petals and stunning green foliage.

Capturing the beauty of the Daylily Night Embers is a simple task for artist Richard Reynolds, who has quite an eye for nature. His artful photography expresses the simple yet sophisticated qualities of one of the world’s most beloved perennials. The crisp tones and colors combined with a clever utilization of lighting help this popular flower make a smooth transition from greenery to gallery.

The photo itself is pretty enough to draw in butterflies and hummingbirds. True to its name, the Night Embers lily shines like a flame in the dark in this digital piece of poetry. Red, vibrant, and full of promise, the stunning lily does not require a backdrop to enhance it. Each delicate petal is open. The life like detail is surprisingly accurate and mesmerizing.

Photographer Richard Reynolds does an amazing job of shining a spotlight on perennials. His portfolio is a virtual canvas of stemmed and shiny garden delights. His photos of roses, daisies, and cactus flowers are all exceptionally detailed works of art. Shuffling through his gallery is like taking a virtual tour of a flower show.

Reynold’s artistry extends far beyond plants but always maintains a genuine respect for nature. Some of his other featured works include the Lotoria Perryi (an oddly shaped shell with a bright yellow glow), and Morpho Deidamia Neoptolemus (a beautifully illuminated butterfly).

Butterfly photography is another category Reynolds excels in. He showed a great attention to detail when portraying the underside of the exotic Agrias butterfly. The tiny iridescent blue circles that line either side of the butterfly’s belly are clearly a visible highlight. The shiny gold tips of both butterfly wings are the perfect accent against the light gray backdrop. Even the oddly shaped common clubtail butterfly looks stunning on Reynold’s stage of all things related to nature.

Richard Reynolds is an awe-inspiring photographer and he definitely understands his niche. His keen eye for lighting and detail is apparent in his nature inspired portfolio. Anyone who appreciates the natural elements will undoubtedly be a fan of his work.


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