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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bev Doolittle Prints

 When you see one of the signature paintings by artist Bev Doolittle, be aware that there is more to the picture than meets the eye at first glance. The viewer is drawn into a crisp picture of Pinto horses standing on a mountainside surrounded by patches of snow. The question that one must ask themselves is “What and how many pinto horses am I really seeing?” . The title of this piece is simply “Pintos”. But where exactly are they? 

Closer examination becomes crucial; try to count the Pinto horses, which are cleverly camouflaged. Immediately people are drawn into a puzzle-type of unique artwork that can’t be easily duplicated. Predominantly white horses with brown markings seem to disappear into the background of white snow and bare brown earth. The count frequently changes as yet another Pinto becomes more obvious and was missed the first time around.

Bev Doolittle prints are highly collectable with each one depicting life in the open air. Canyons, mountains, deserts and heavily wooded areas are represented with a palette of earth tones and using bright white to enhance the message. Native Americans are passionately depicted as the spirit is transformed to a peaceful, earth friendly existence. Hunting, hiding and stalking is camouflaged cleverly into the bowels of the painting where people are just as surprised to see it as they would be had they been greeted on a path or trail.

By capturing a moment in time, viewers of Bev Doolittle prints are held by the unusual style of her work. People become involved with the prints because the passion is so beautifully transformed from the image in her mind to each stroke of the artist’s brush. People become caught and sometimes trapped by the cleverness of the camouflage. The viewer can be appreciating the beauty of a scene and suddenly see a Native American hiding behind a tree or a bear in the bushes. The world melts away as the enthusiast convinces the brain that something is disguised or perhaps hidden.

There is a message within a message and a picture within a picture challenging people to take a moment and not only see the content but to become a part of the message. Life is moving at an incredible speed and most people welcome the opportunity to focus on an abject to give their minds something different to experience. Bev Doolittle has answered this increasing need by offering her artwork which can be displayed in any home or office. On a yearly basis a portion of the proceeds from Bev Doolittle prints are donated to environmental organizations and various causes anonymously. She is walking her walk by disappearing quietly into the background while sharing her talent.


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