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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two Superb Athletes; The Jockey and Race Horse

Many people enjoy the sport of horse racing, and love to have these types of images displayed in their homes or offices. Horse and jockey images are popular among horse racing enthusiasts, and can be beautifully displayed in any home, office, or other setting where they can be enjoyed anytime of day. These images are highly prized by fans of the time-honored sport of horse racing, and display ample class and enjoyment for individuals lucky enough to own these luxurious prints of a pairing of two superb athletes; the race horse and jockey.

Paintings of famous jockeys with their horses, such as the one pictured of Eddie Arcaro and Kelso, are common images people enjoy hanging on their walls and displaying in their homes. These images are often stills, or more exciting in style by showing a jockey and their horse in action. These prints are typically done in stunning design and color to bring out the true spirit of horse racing and the grandeur that goes along with it. Paintings are done in bold strokes or subtle watercolors, but always have the detail, action, and fine detail involved to make the horses and jockeys alike come to life and look amazing from any angle.

Many fans of horse racing actually have a favorite jockey and horse, and choose to have these jockey images displayed lavishly in their homes. These paintings look great with large gold or brass frames and are often favored with ample lighting to draw attention to these elaborate images. Since images of jockeys are expertly designed and full of detail, they can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, including living room walls, sitting rooms, offices, and game rooms.

Paintings with jockey and horse images make a great gift for any man or woman who loves horse racing. Whether they have a favorite jockey or horse, just enjoy the sport, or enjoy the beautiful and stunning animals so revered, these paintings and images are sure to please individuals of any age. Since these images are great for updating any room and adding a piece of class to any artistic collection, those who are enthusiastic about jockeys and horses can love and enjoy these images for years to come.

When it comes to the glamorous, time-honored art and tradition, jockey and horse images are a wonderful way to express one’s love of horse racing. These images are stunning in design and execution, and look amazing in any room of the home or business. With several jockeys and images to choose from, a person is sure to find the best print for their style and personality that they will love for a lifetime.


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