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Monday, November 18, 2013

Capturing The Essence of The Spirit of the American West With Classic Paintings of American Cowboys

While many things in life have grown more modern, some things, and some ways of life never go out of style. There is little doubt that there are few things more classic than the life of an American Cowboy. Throughout American history there have been few times when manhood was celebrated in a way more personified than that of the American Cowboy. The courage, independence, ability to overcome adversity, and the drive to accomplish tasks of substance are the mark of a strong man. The cowboy era was, and is, one of those important American times.

Certainly, as history attests, the Great Wild West was won by some of these brave and courageous men. While it is a celebrated part of American history, being a cowboy is, and was, a difficult life. There are hardships out on the western lands that folks in the east scarcely know exist. But to a cowboy it is the only life. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, he doesn't complain if he doesn't have the greatest of human comforts. He has the land God made, he has his soul, his freedom and he makes his mark on life in his own subtle but profound way.

Being a cowboy was and is a lonely way of life at times. It is most often a life far away from the fray of the masses. It is a life where the stark beauty of the land, his ability to be master over it, and his masculine wilds are free to merge with nature as God intended. Whether going to a roundup, working the cattle drive, caring for the pastures and grazing fields, or finding that new stallion, having detailed pictures of their way of life inspire the mind, and set the heart free to a simpler way of life.

For the men who bare the cowboy spirit and the women that love them, capturing the very essence and spirit through paintings and pictures of a cowboy can be a great way to celebrate the great west and its lifestyle. Classic pictures of these brave men and their natural way of life can be a wonderful tribute to the very essence and spirit of these men. Depictions of them riding the open prairie by moonlight, grazing by the stream on a hot summer's day, or climbing the peaks and descending the valleys by horseback can bring out the cowboy in any viewer. Their way of life is, and was a profound part of American history.
As a fan of Americana, you should own something that takes your thoughts westward.

Through brilliantly detailed paintings, cowboys and their horses blend with God and the beautiful landscapes that surround them. The harmony that is often captured within the heart is shared every time such a piece is viewed.

During the holidays or any special time of year, people who love the cowboy’s way of life can find many of the best in cowboy pictures and paintings right here. Saddle up!


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