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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

June Dudley - Boss Lady

Artist June Dudley is a visual artist whose style of incorporating color, light, and detail is completely unique to her. Dudley is from Iola, Texas and many of her paintings are of her nearest and dearest family and friends on her ranch.

Boss Lady is no exception. This is a painting of her granddaughter. With her hands on her hips and dressed in traditional jeans, chaps, and a cowboy hat, this little girl shows everyone that she is indeed the Boss Lady. Included in this realistic painting is a cute puppy and a western background that Dudley has become famous for.

The combination of the beautiful yellow and white flowers and bright green grass in the background with the sweet disposition of the little puppy in the foreground make the picture a sweet print.

Even though you can not see the face of the little girl, her stance says that she is all business. Her hands are on her hips and her feet are shoulder width apart. With that posture, you can just imagine that she is surveying the land or watching over a heard.

One of Dudley's unique features is her ability to make her paintings look like pictures. You can see this in the crisp white shirt of the little girl and the way it falls on her body. That combined with the details of the blue jeans and brown chaps are sure to make anyone who looks at the scene wonder if it is a picture or a painting.

Dudley's work often conveys a feeling of peace to the viewer. This picture is full of spunk and attitude, but also does convey that calm feeling. Through the details of the painting, you can almost feel the warmth of the summer sun on the ranch.

June Dudley - Boss Lady is a great portrait for any home. If there is a little girl in your life, this cowgirl and her dog will definitely stir something within her.


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