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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secretariat Pictures - Secretariat Art Prints

When deciding on decorations for a home, owners often want to convey their interests to guests in a stylish and meaningful way. When an owner is a sports fan, for example, they may want to find decorations that express their dedication to favorite teams or players. Such decorations can serve as both great conversation pieces and expressions of deeply held beliefs and values of fairness and good sportsmanship.

Finding a good quality art print related to a favorite sport is just one way to achieve this sense of personal expression in a home, and few sports have captured the attention of people from all walks of life and from such disparate times in history as much as horse racing. From the most aristocratic circles to everyday families, horse racing has captivated scores of generations of minds for both its high stakes competition and its long traditions. To many people, indeed, Thoroughbred racing is to this day known as "the Sport of Kings."

Among the most famous of Thoroughbred racehorses, Secretariat stands alone as a unique example of horse racing at its best and most competitive. With wins as a Triple Crown champion and a demonstration of American ingenuity and competitive might, Secretariat is a symbol of all that is best and most exciting about the sport. Secretariat's wins were not just surprising to followers of Thoroughbred racing (America had been lagging in Thoroughbred competition for decades when Secretariat began his streak of wins) but to all fans watching a major upset of dominance over the sport by countries such as the United Kingdom.

As the legend of Secretariat grows, a fine print of the racehorse's image has become a collector's item in recent decades. Prints of Secretariat can be placed anywhere in the home as both an elegant decoration and a showing of good taste and respect for the sport of horse racing. Secretariat pictures - Secretariat art prints included - can come in many different forms. Painters have often used Secretariat as a subject matter for their work, while photographers have captured many of Secretariat's images even as he crossed the finish line. Such prints can give a historical and fun feel to a home and serve as the perfect addition to a fan's collection of memorabilia and art.


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